The production process of the SLA 3D printing service from Formalize

Addition to our 3D printing service

For the past 4 years, Formalize has been engaged in offering an FDM 3D printing service, we notice that our customers also desire more detailed and smoother objects.

Due to the growth of our company, we have been able to move our 3D printing service to a larger building. This new space has given us the opportunity to let our customers experience a broader aspect of 3D printing.
By installing new SLA 3D printers, we have been able to make our 3D printing service a lot more popular for both business and private customers.

The preparation of the production for the SLA 3D prints

As soon as an order is placed via our online 3D printing service, it enters our system and we start preparing the order. To achieve the best results, we need to rotate the 3D models at a certain angle in order to place the generated supports on the best possible surface. If we don’t do this, the supports may end up in an important place, such as the face of a figurine, or on the threads of a high precision part.
This does not always cause problems, it is also possible that the supports are placed in a hollow space, for example, which we can hardly or not remove. After removing the supports, this leaves no unevenness on the surface.

After we have rotated the 3D models or just 3D model at the right angle, we give the file that can be read by our SLA 3D printers, the name of the order number and the chosen color.

The physical production of the order can start

We have now arrived at the start of SLA 3D printing, the tank of the machine is now filled with the right color epoxy resin. This is the material we use for the production of the SLA 3D printed products.

When we start the machine it starts with calibration, this is done to ensure that we can deliver good quality to our customers every time.
The file we just created is now being read by the SLA 3D printer, the machine is now lowering the build platform so that epoxy resin can take place between the platform and LCD screen.

The screen is of a very high resolution, which ensures that the 3D printed layers are very smooth. With each layer, the machine ensures that the material is pressed between the newly 3D printed layer and the screen, the screen lies up again for a few seconds so that the epoxy resin can cure, this is done until hundreds or thousands of layers have cured. In this way a product is created by our SLA 3D printing technology.

If the products are 3D printed, they still have to be washed in an alcohol bath, we do this to rinse the other epoxy resin from the products.
As soon as the products have been washed, we remove the supports and check the 3D models for any errors and irregularities. After this is done, the model is dried and further cured by a machine that illuminates the SLA 3D printed products with UV lamps.