The production process of Formalize

Online configurator

At Formalize we want to keep the ordering and production process running smoothly. To be able to guarantee this, we have an online configurator that makes it possible to upload 3D models, after a choice of material and color has been made, a no-obligation quote is immediately available.

Choice of materials for the correct applicability

Making a suitable choice of materials can be difficult, to make this easier we have published an extensive materials page. At you can find everything related to the different materials that we offer, also the different options and design guidelines can be found here. A section has also been added to the page where you can read the frequently asked questions about material selection. A Chatbot is also available for specific questions, which means that questions are answered faster and the 3D printing process can go even faster. If appropriate advice must be given for the 3D model, then this can be done quickly and easily via the contact page

Upload correct 3D models

When submitting a 3D Model, it is important that an STL, STEP, STP or OBJ file has been chosen. These file types are supported by our online configurator, making everything run smoothly. This allows us to run our process quickly and automatically.

When the 3D model has been uploaded, it is immediately sent to the preparation where everything is prepared for the 3D printing process. The 3D models are checked for suitable material and the printing options are also included and set, we do this to get the best result.


If we catch errors or models that fall outside the guidelines, we will discuss this with the customer to adjust the 3D model. This way, Formalize succeeds in getting the best quality from every 3D print.

3D printing starts

The ordered 3D models are assigned to one or more of our 3D printers, after which they are 3D printed in the chosen options such as material, color and print options. We have made two choices for the print options, we discussed this in more detail in one of our blog articles. This article can be viewed at:

Quality control and finishing

After the 3D print has been professionally printed, the “Support material” can be removed. Support material is the material that provides support for overhanging parts of the 3D print. This support material does not apply to every print, we check per 3D print whether this is the case. No extra costs will be charged for this, that is a piece of service from Formalize.


After each 3D model has been printed and cleared of support material, the order (if multiple colors and / or materials have been ordered) is collected and shipped as soon as possible.

Total production time

We want to do this entire process as quickly and qualitatively as possible, we have several 3D printers, which means we have the option to proceed directly to the production of the supplied 3D model the next working day. We also always try to deliver the product within one week, if larger numbers are ordered, it is desirable to contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities so that a fast delivery can be arranged.