Repair 3D models

To achieve a tangible product, we use the FDM 3D printing technique at Formalize. Our machines can read STL, STEP, STP and OBJ files, so we also ask to upload one of these file types in our configurator on the website.

It may be that an exported 3D model contains errors, which means that it is displayed incorrectly in the configurator. The reason for this is that during the export of the 3D model an error occurred during the conversion of the surfaces.

Voorbeeld 3D model repareren
Voorbeeld 3D model repareren

By using Microsoft 3D Builder it is possible to repair these 3D models. If the model is repaired, the price is calculated better and the product may become a bit cheaper than before the repair.

Microsoft 3D Builder

To start repairing a 3D model you need to download qMicrosoft 3D Builder from this link.

Follow these steps to repair your 3D model:

  • Once the program has been installed, the 3D model containing errors must be opened.
  • Then you need to click on “Load object” at the bottom left of the screen.
  • When the 3D model is loaded, a message is displayed at the bottom right of the screen “One or more objects have an invalid definition. Click here to fix it.”. Then click on this notification to start the repair process.
  • Now that the repair is complete you can click on the 3 stripes at the top left of the screen, if you do this a window will open with a “Save as” button, click on this.
  • Save your 3D model as an STL file, this ensures that our 3D printers can deliver the best quality.

Now that your 3D model has been built flawlessly, you can upload it again in our configurator. The surfaces are now properly displayed and the price can be calculated better, and the product may also be a bit cheaper.

Voorbeeld 3D model gerepareerd
Voorbeeld 3D model gerepareerd

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