Material Ultra Detail Resin

High Precision & Detailed

About this material

The Ultra Detail Resin from Formalize is used in the SLA 3D printing technique. This technique makes it possible to achieve high precision, which means that small details are displayed very well.

The resin is made of epoxy, which gives the products that are SLA 3D printed a smooth surface that looks a lot like a product than injection molded.


The material is often used to 3D print high precision parts and miniature objects. Think of figurines, scale models, parts with very small screw thread, etc.

It is also possible to make end products and high-quality prototypes with this material because of its smooth appearance. The SLA 3D printed products are completely smooth and there is no need for further post-processing.


The material deforms at approximately 70 ° C, so our Ultra Detail Resin is not suitable for high-precision parts that have to resist high temperatures.






Design guidelines


Maximum volume per part: 120 x 68 x 150 mm

Minimum volume per part: X + Y + Z? 0.5 mm

Wall thickness

Minimum wall thickness: 0.4 mm

Wire thickness

Minimum wire thickness: 0.4 mm

Details embossed

Minimum embossed width: 0.4 mm

Minimum embossed height: 0.1 mm

Details engraved

Minimum width: 0.4 mm

Minimum depth: 0.4 mm

Frequently asked questions

The delivery time per order depends on the selected production speed in the configurator (7, 5 or 3 business days). For large orders of tens, hundreds or thousands of pieces, please contact us.