It is not always easy to choose a suitable material for your product(s), which is why this blog post highlights PETG.

PETG is a modified version of the PET material, known from the PET bottles. PETG contains glycol, this is done to make the material more durable. It does not become brittle after long use and it is heat resistant up to 80°c. The properties of PETG are very favorable when it comes to absorbing and processing power, it can also withstand various chemicals and it is very durable.


It is often assumed that ABS is the strongest material that can be used to make products using the FDM 3D printing technique. This is partly because ABS is an older material, PETG is still relatively unknown but is very suitable in the engineering industry.

When we talk about the FDM 3D printing of ABS, we can say that ABS is a soft and tough plastic. The material is also somewhat weaker compared to other hard plastics that Formalize uses in production.

PETG is somewhat harder than ABS and can absorb more force because it’s a bit flexible. We can use PETG for many applications, from cover caps to mechanical parts. Our experience has shown that PETG is up to 3x stronger than ABS, we can also print smaller products. This is also not possible with ABS, if we would do this, the product would become very fragile.

Recently Formalize has stopped offering ABS. We did this because of the good replacement PETG and the lack of clarity about which material is best suited for mechanical products.