3D Printing and Production

Tools can come in handy to make operations run smoother and simpler.

Optimized your processes and save time with 3D printed tools. Designing and producing a 3D printed tool can be easy and fast.

We'll get our machines up and running as soon as possible after we've received your models. Stamps, moulds, guides, and more, increasingly come from our 3D printers. By 3D printing auxiliary materials you save costs and unnecessary extra actions.

Every project is different, which is why we use different techniques and materials. For tools, we recommend printing them using FDM 3D printing. This method is cost-efficient and quick to manufacture.

We also offer SLA 3D printing. This technique makes it possible to 3D print tools are comparable to casting products. The surface smoothness is almost the same as of casting products. It is also possible to print small details with this technique. Ideal for molds and other small tools.

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Designing for 3D printing is different from what we are used from other techniques. An optimized design ensures that we can produce quickly and in the quality we strive for. We are happy to help you create a suitable design for your purpose.

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Batch Production

Batch production and 3D printing are a perfect match. Setting up the machines takes little time and by using several machines at the same time, batches are produced quickly. With our optimized workflows, our machines are running almost 24/7.

After production, we manually check the parts for deviations and defects. We then send the complete batch in one shipment. We can also send your order in multiple shipments, so that your production line doesn't come to a stop.

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