3D Printing and Production

Create prototypes to get better insight into the end-result.

3D printing prototypes is a good way to create a tangible model quickly. Having products made in a fast way is ideal, which is why 3D printing is ideal for prototyping. At Formalize we have various options in terms of technology and materials. Each material is unique. This enabled you to try out various end results. Whether it has to be a hard and smooth product, or a flexible product. The options are widely applicable.

We can put our machines to work within minutes. The 3D printing of prototypes can be cost-efficient by using FDM 3D printing.

If the model has to look high-quality and smooth, we recommend SLA 3D printing. With this technique we can print high quality details. If the surface smoothness of the model is a major requirement, we recommend that you opt for SLA 3D printing. The end result of this technique can be compared to a cast product.

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Designing for 3D printing is different from what we are used from other techniques. An optimized design ensures that we can produce quickly and in the quality we strive for. We are happy to help you create a suitable design for your purpose.

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Batch Production

Batch production and 3D printing are a perfect match. Setting up the machines takes little time and by using several machines at the same time, batches are produced quickly. With our optimized workflows, our machines are running almost 24/7.

After production, we manually check the parts for deviations and defects. We then send the complete batch in one shipment. We can also send your order in multiple shipments, so that your production line doesn't come to a stop.

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