3D Printing and Production

Protect your components with custom housings.

A product without a housing is the same as living in a house without walls. The components that turn parts into a complete product must be well protected and covered. 3D printing is very precise, sturdy and completely customizable.

We can start producing your 3D printed housings in no time. The start-up costs are much lower than with traditional production techniques. The machines and materials we use are suitable for many projects. For example, we use FDM 3D printing and SLA 3D printing.

For FDM 3D printing housings we often use the material PETG. We use this material because it is light flexible and can take a beating. Occasionally PLA is also used if the housing must be hard and have a matte appearance. We use epoxy resin for the SLA 3D printing of housings. This epoxy resin is hard, looks very smooth and lends itself well to displaying text on surfaces.

If the surface quality is not a requirement for your project, then FDM 3D printing is the solution. If the housings must be comparable to a competing technique such as injection moulding, we recommend using SLA 3D printing.

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Designing for 3D printing is different from what we are used from other techniques. An optimized design ensures that we can produce quickly and in the quality we strive for. We are happy to help you create a suitable design for your purpose.

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Batch Production

Batch production and 3D printing are a perfect match. Setting up the machines takes little time and by using several machines at the same time, batches are produced quickly. With our optimized workflows, our machines are running almost 24/7.

After production, we manually check the parts for deviations and defects. We then send the complete batch in one shipment. We can also send your order in multiple shipments, so that your production line doesn't come to a stop.

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