Material PP

Durable & High Quality

About PP

Polypropylene is one of the most versatile and widely used plastics in industrial production. 3D printed PP is a translucent off-white material with an exceptionally high elongation at break. The properties of 3D printed PP are comparable to injection molded PP.

The material is strong, fatigue resistant and lightweight. PP is suitable for shape, fit and function tests. Prototypes and test parts in 3D-printed PP have the unique advantage of being produced in the same material as the end piece. Ideal applications include functional prototypes for click assemblies or live hinges in automotive parts, packaging and consumer goods. PP deforms at 100 °C.


White natural

Design Guidelines

Volume Maximum volume per part: 610 x 310 x 530 mm Minimum volume per part: X + Y + Z ≥ 10 mm
Wall thickness Minimum wall thickness: 1.0 mm
Wire thickness Minimum wire thickness: 1.0 mm
Details embossed Minimum embossed width: 0.3 mm Minimum embossed height: 0.3 mm
Details engraved Minimum width: 0.3 mm Minimum depth: 0.3 mm
Clearance Minimum clearance: 0.3 mm
Accuracy Precision: ± 0.2 mm Holes and close fitting parts may be smaller than the original design.


SLS PP layered
SLS PP super thin