Material PA12

Durable & High Quality

About PA12

PA 12 Nylon is a strong industrial material, this material is widely applicable. PA 12 is printed usingt the SLS technology, that stands for selective laser sintering. In this technique the material is sintered in powder form so that each layer is fused together at a high temperature.

PA 12 is very wear-resistant, has a sand-like surface and is slightly bendable under certain dimensions. The material deforms at 86 °C.


Black dye
White natural

Design Guidelines

Volume Maximum volume per part: 480 x 480 x 460 mm Minimum volume per part: X + Y + Z ≥ 10 mm
Wall thickness Minimum wall thickness: 1.0 mm
Wire thickness Minimum wire thickness: 1.0 mm
Details embossed Minimum embossed width: 0.3 mm Minimum embossed height: 0.3 mm
Details engraved Minimum width: 0.3 mm Minimum depth: 0.3 mm
Clearance Minimum clearance: 0.3 mm
Accuracy Precision: ± 0.2 mm Holes and close fitting parts may be smaller than the original design.


SLS PA12 door knob
SLS PA12 housing
SLS PA12 macro
SLS PA12 mechanical part
SLS PA12 mirror prototype
SLS PA12 tire
SLS PA12 ventilator