Material PETG

Mechanical & wear-resistant

About PETG

PETG is a modified version of the PET material, known from the PET bottles. PETG contains glycol, which is added to make the material more durable and also to make it applicable for 3D printing.

The material does not become brittle after long use and this plastic is heat-resistant up to 80°C. The properties of PETG are very favorable when it comes to absorbing and processing power, it can also withstand various chemicals, and it is very durable. PETG has a good resistance to UV and moisture, which is why the material is suitable for outdoor use.


Glitter black
Bright green
Light blue
Dark blue
Glitter purple

Design Guidelines

Volume Maximum volume per part: 600 x 600 x 600 mm Minimum volume per part: X + Y + Z ≥ 3 mm
Wall thickness Minimum wall thickness: 1.0 mm
Wire thickness Minimum wire thickness: 2.5 mm
Details embossed Minimum embossed width: 0.4 mm Minimum embossed height: 0.6 mm
Details engraved Minimum width: 0.4 mm Minimum depth: 0.6 mm
Tolerance Minimum tolerance: 0.4mm
Accuracy Accuracy: ± 0.2 mm Holes and close-fitting parts may be smaller than the original design


The delivery time per order depends on the selected production speed in the configurator. For large orders of tens, hundreds or thousands of pieces, please contact us.

PETG is a modified version of the well-known plastic PET, known from the PET bottles. This plastic is slightly flexible and can be compared to PP and PVC.

PETG has a good resistance to moisture, UV and many chemicals. This material is very durable and does not degrade when used outdoors. PETG is therefore suitable for outdoor use.

With the standard option we make the products with a filling of 20%. This saves material costs and production time. The solid option means that we completely fill the model.

The difference between our standard and premium product is the layer thickness that is applied when producing the products. A smaller layer thickness makes details more visible and the model can feel smoother.

If you choose the standard option, your product will be FDM 3D printed in layers of 0.2mm. Our standard option is the most chosen option among our customers.

FDM standard quality

If you choose the premium option, your product FDM 3D will be printed in layers of 0.1mm. By reducing the layer height, the product feels smoother than the standard layer height of 0.2mm.

FDM premium quality


FDM PETG assembly gears
FDM PETG assembly
FDM PETG clips
FDM PETG placeholders
FDM PETG production
FDM PETG production
FDM PETG production
FDM PETG production
FDM PETG red brackets
FDM PETG screw
FDM PETG smooth part
FDM PETG smooth part
FDM PETG tubes