Find the right materials for your project

FDM 3D Printing

Formalize uses PETG, PLA and TPU to develop products when using the FDM 3D printing service. Each of these materials has its own special properties, so we can offer a suitable material for every project. Discover the unique properties of our different materials on their material pages.

FDM PETG material


Good mechanical properties
Resistance to chemicals and moisture

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FDM PLA material


Suitable for decorative objects
Biodegradable material

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FDM TPU material


Flexible and tough material
Wear-resistant and insulating

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SLA 3D Printing

For SLA 3D printing Formalize uses ultra detail resin to produce your models. This material is suitable for many applications. The material is especially suitable for products that have to have a smooth appearance. We can also print in much more detail with the SLA printing technique.

SLA ultra detail resin material

Ultra Detail Resin

Very smooth surface
Similar to injection molding
Rigid and durable

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