Production Process of Formalize

Monday, November 16, 2020

Online Quotation

At Formalize we want to keep the ordering and production process running smoothly. To be able to guarantee this, we have developed an online configurator that makes it easy to upload and order 3D models. After a choice of material, quality and color has been made, your quote is immediately available.

Uploading 3D Models

Our online configurator is able to process STL, STEP, STP and 3MF files. When the 3D model has been uploaded, it is immediately sent to our 3D printing technicians. The 3D models will be checked to make sure we are able to print it in the best quality. Next to that, we set specific machine settings for your 3D model.

If we catch errors or if your models does not meet the guidelines, we will contact you and give you your available options. Doing so enables Formalize in getting the best results for every 3D print.

Choice of Materials

Making a suitable choice of materials can be difficult. To make this easier we have published an extensive materials page. You can find everything related to the different materials that we offer. As well as the different options, design guidelines, frequently asked questions and examples. If you need appropiate advice for your specific case, do not hesitate to contact us.


Your 3D models will be assigned to one or multiple of our 3D printers. In which they will be 3D printed with the choosen material, quality and color.

We strive to go through this process as quickly as possible and with the best quality. Because we have many 3D printers, we can assign new orders quickly in most cases. If your orders contains large quantities, it is desirable to contact us. So we can discuss the possibilities, and you can count on your delivery date.

Quality Control and Finish

After your 3D model has been 3D printed, the support material can be removed. The support material is needed to provide support for overhanging parts of the 3D print. This support material does not apply to every 3D print. We check whether it is needed for every part. We do not charge additional costs for the support material.

After your products have been printed and cleared of support material. The order is collected and shipped as soon as possible.