Possibilities of SLA 3D Printing

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Explore the possibilities with SLA 3D printing. Create highly detailed and smooth objects for the best quality 3D prints.

Due to the growth of our company, we have been able to move our 3D printing service to a larger building. This new space has given us the opportunity to let our customers experience a broader aspect of 3D printing. By installing new SLA 3D printers, we have been able to make our 3D printing service a lot more popular for both business and private customers.

SLA 3D printer

SLA 3D Printing

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By applying our new SLA 3D printing technique, we can print even more accurate and smoother than before. The material we use is a liquid epoxy resin that cures after being exposed to UV light. Our SLA 3D printers use high resolution screens. We can produce very accurate objects. And because the material is liquid, you will get smooth surfaces without visible print lines.

The material for SLA 3D printers is called resin. It is an epoxy resin with a relatively low viscosity. Which ensures that the layer adhesion is strong and the surfaces have a smooth appearance. For thin models the material is quite flexible. for thicker products the moaterial does not bend mcuh and feels sturdy and solid. The epoxy resin cures by exposure to UV light. After exposing each 3D printed layer, the 3D print is ready to be cleaned.

Pre Production

As soon as an order is placed with our online configurator, we start preparing your order. To achieve the best results, we need to rotate the 3D models at a certain angle. However, you don't have to think about this, because we will do this for you. If we don’t do this, the supports may end up in an important place. Such as the face of a figurine, or on the threads of a high precision part.


We have now arrived at the start of SLA 3D printing. The liquid-container of the machine is now filled with the right color epoxy resin. This is the material we use for the production of the SLA 3D printed products.

When we start the machine it starts with calibration. This way we ensure that we can deliver good quality to our customers every time. The machine is now lowering the build platform so that epoxy resin can take place between the platform and LCD screen.

The screen is of a very high resolution, which ensures that the 3D printed layers are very smooth. With each layer, the machine ensures that the material is pressed between the newly 3D printed layer and the screen. The screen lights up for a few seconds so that the epoxy resin can cure. This is done until hundreds or thousands of layers have cured. With this method a 3D product is created by our SLA 3D printing technology.

SLA resin 3D printed cars
SLA resin 3D printed castle
SLA resin 3D printed glasses

Post Production

After the products have been 3D printed, we proceed to cleaning the 3D prints. This is done by placing the products in an alcohol bath. Our washing machine creates a whirl in the alcohol bath so that the remaining resin is washed off.

The next step is to further cure the product, we do this by exposing it to strong UV light. Curing takes a few minutes, when this is done the material strengthens. And finally, it is ready to be used by the customer.