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Surface quality 3D printing
Surface Quality with 3D Printing

Learn more about the surface quality of 3D printing. And discover which material is the right fit for your project.

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SLA 3D printing
Possibilities of SLA 3D Printing

What is SLA 3D printing and how does it work? We will tell you all about SLA 3D printing and the Ultra Detail Resin material in this article.

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Formalize production process
Production Process of Formalize

Read about the 3D printing service of Formalize. We will talk about our online configurator, material selection and production processes.

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Formalize countries
Formalize in Germany and Belgium

Formalize is now available for Germany and Belgium. Expanding our services for a wider public.

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3D printed models
3D Modeling for FDM 3D Printing

Learn how you can optimize your models for 3D printing with FDM. We go over support material, overhanging surfaces and the recommended guidelines.

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3D printed PLA wood
Material PLA Wood

Check out our latest new material: PLA with wood. It smells and feels just like real wood. Read more about this new material.

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