3D Modeling

Custom 3D model

Formalize currently only offers this service for businesses that have 3D printed products produced in series. Our vision is to make the entry into 3D printing more accessible by being able to support the entire 3D printing process from the start. We do this by offering the possibility to have your design or existing product 3D modeled by us, which we can then 3D print.

We offer the possibility to have an existing product copied, we do this by accurately measuring the existing product supplied by you. We then draw this product in 3D, which we can then print in 3D.

At the bottom of this page you will find the possibility to make your request, any files such as photos or sketches can also be sent to us here.

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Place your request here to have your parts or products 3D modeled by us, as soon as you have placed your request we will look at the possibilities and determine the price to 3D model your sketch or existing product.