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Want to start with FDM or SLA 3D printing at Formalize?

Good idea, we will ensure that production starts quickly. And that for an affordable price.

Shipping possible within 3 working days
Appropriate advice for every project
Fast response to emails

Industries that use 3D printing


3D printing in the automotive industry is often used for plastic parts


In the IT industry, housings or small parts are often 3D printed


The medical industry uses 3D printed prostheses and braches


For the mechanical engineering industry, 3D printing of parts and housings is a good solution


3D printing for schools is popular to make different projects tangible

Start with 3D printing

Serial production

A smart alternative to machining or injection molding. 3D printing is fast, flexible and cost efficient.


Optimize the production with 3D printing technology. Produce prototypes, molds, tools and more.


Need a 3D printed product for your project? We also guarantee the same quality for consumers.

About Formalize

Formalize is specialized in FDM and SLA 3D Printing. We want to offer our customers a unique experience by producing top quality 3D printed parts time after time. We like to think along with our customers and are therefore happy to give advice for the best results. See our about us page for more information about Formalize.

To make ordering 3D printed products easy and fast, we have an online 3D printing service. In this online environment it is possible to upload the 3D models, choose a material and color and then the quotation is displayed per 3D model.

More information about our 3D printing service can be found below.

3D Printservice

We see it as our mission to make ordering 3D printed products as user-friendly as possible. With the help of our 3D printing service you can always place your order online. After that, we will keep you informed about the production and shipment. Our online 3D printing service calculates 3D models that are uploaded based on weight, dimensions, material and any printing options.

The 3D printing service of Formalize is suitable for business and private customers, our machine park is well equipped with several 3D printers. For example, we have the option of FDM 3D printing and SLA 3D printing. Due to our availability of different machines, we can produce large series in a short time, and we can also ship a single 3D print within 3 business days.

In addition, it is not necessary to create an account to place an order with us.

Looking for examples?

On our materials page  we have a gallery with different 3D printed products per 3D printing technology and material that have been ordered through our online 3D printing service.

For each printing technology and material, the design guidelines are also indicated, such as minimum wall thickness, wires, text, etc. Our online 3D printing service makes it possible to order 3D models that fall outside these guidelines, you should be aware that if you place an order for a 3D model that does not meet the guidelines that it may be incomplete.

If we notice that your 3D models do not meet the guidelines, we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.


Over the years, Formalize has built up a loyal relationship with clients. We now produce for many sectors and we can provide appropriate advice for almost every project.Formalize has built up a loyal relationship with clients over the years. We now produce for many sectors and we can provide appropriate advice for almost any project.

Our business customers can order with purchase orders by sending this to us via our email address, of course it is also possible to place an order via our online 3D printing service. By using the online 3D printing service it is possible to place an order faster, this allows us to process and ship the order faster.

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